Eden Trading

Rink Formgriffe

Eden Trading are agents for these excellent grips with fully adjustable palm rests.

Rink Grips offer you three unequaled benefits:

  1. With the new palm rest you can adjust the grip exactly, with your hand in the grip.
  2. Five Grip parameters (size, side, form, angle, volume) make it possible to find the optimum grip for YOUR hand.
  3. With Free Pistol Grips you can adjust the back hand support to the current thickness of your hand.

Adjustable Palm Rest

The new palm rest allows you to adjust the grip exactly, with you hand in the grip.

adjust adjust2

adjustment with allen wrench ----- The patented adjustment mechanism


hand Five sizes are available:

XLarge..... 100mm hand width

Large........ 95mm hand width

Medium.... 90mm hand width

Small........ 85mm hand width

XSmall..... 80mm hand width

The hand should be measured across the knuckles, without the thumb.


All grips are available for right and left handed shooters (at no extra cost!)


To fill the hand completely you have a choice between:-

  • Convex palm area - for a normal mans hand or;
  • Flat palm area - for short or large hands.



The grips are availble in two angles 0 deg. and 7 deg. The 0 deg version is designed to allow the shooter to hold the pistol with the barrel and the forearm forming a straight line.

Some shooters have problems holding a pistol this way, for them there is the 7 deg. version. This allows a right handed shooter who aims with the left eye to line up more easily. Also this help shooters with short fingers to get a good trigger position.

0 deg 7 deg


For shooters with particularly long hands there is a grip with thicker volume, this adds 5mm to the rear of the grip giving a better position for the trigger finger.

normal volume thick volume


The grips are available in Walnut of Laminated wood.