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Firearm Security Cables

The UFSC has a dual purpose:

* It prevents access to the trigger of the firearm, thus the firearm cannot be discharged.

* It prevents theft of the firearm, the firearm can be attached to a secure point in a car, hotel room, gun rack etc.

The use of a padlock is optional

in car

The image on the right shows the cable fixed in a car without the use of a padlock.

in roomThe image on the left shows the cable fixed to a radiator in a room.

The UFSC is versatile, easy to use and safe:

The UFSC is a one size fits all product, and is supplied with either a key or combination lock.

The UFSC may also be used with a standard gunslip.

All components are rubber or vynil coated to prevent damage to your valuable firearm.

The UFSC in Operation

lever action muzzle

The left image shows the UFSC attached to a lever-action rifle and the right shows a muzzle loading pistol.

The UFSC can also be attached to Air Rifles, Air Pistols, Shotguns, Free Pistols and Long Barrelled Revolvers.

Keep your firearms safe from theft and unauthorised use.