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Match Air Rifles

We are agents for Steyr Air Pistols and Air Rifles, some of the best in the world, we only sell guns sourced from the official importer, so service is no problem.

LG 110 Match


Developed by shooters for shooters and produced by careful assembly - the STEYR LG 110 MATCH has every right to be called the new dimension of match guns. It intransigently possesses exactly the functionality a shooter needs on the range and in competition:
Perfect handling, individual adaptation within seconds and unbeatable accuracy!

These differences are what give you more 10’s :

LG 110 Light:

LG 110 Light

The air rifle LG 110 LIGHT has all the technical advantages and outstanding quality characteristics of the full-size rifle LG 110 MATCH, but it is lighter due to a shorter barrel extension.

A later upgrade to the LG 110 MATCH is easily possible - ingeniously: the weapon grows with the needs of the shooter and younger athletes can start with highest quality material!

LG 110 Benchrest:

LG110 Bench

As a matter of course the bench rest shooters know the true promise of the outstanding technology of STEYR SPORTWAFFEN.

Developed in steady contact to the world’s elite, the LG 100 Bench Rest with its prolonged fore arm turned out to be a high-tech piece of sports equipment, thoroughly deliberated like all models of the LG 110: distinctive, consequently simply perfect.  

LG 110 Field Target:

LG 110 FT

Unchallenged first!
This air rifle is setting the trend in field target!

Highest precision plus adjustment within seconds are necessary to hit these far-away targets even under extreme conditions - that’s what made our field target air rifle famous.

Developed by experienced shooters (the technicians of STEYR SPORTWAFFEN have competed themselves at the World Championships for Field Target) the LG 110 FT inspires both professional and hobby shooters enormously. Best quality materials as well as a highly precise manufacturing guarantee a winning rifle.