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We are agents for Steyr Air Pistols and Air Rifles, some of the best in the world, we only sell guns sourced from the official importer, so service is no problem.

LP2 Above is the LP2 Pistol,
below is the LP2 Compact.
LP2 Compact








LP10 Pistol colour combinations:






































LP 50 and LP 50 E








LP 2

The Steyr LP2 has the same precision and performance as the LP10 but at a lower price.

Manufactured with the best materials and produced in the same factory as the LP 10, the LP 2 has almost the same features. The trigger system and grip are of the highest competition standards and are the same as on the LP 10

All major features!

The LP 2 is equipped with all the major features of a competition match pistol. Using a bolt loading system for easier use and adjustable sights, it can be equipped with barrel weights that are attached directly to the barrel.  The barrel shroud and Stabilisator are not included to give a lighter overall pistol.

The price is right with all the necessary functions!

The LP 2 - as all other STEYR products - is of the best quality and is delivered in a durable fitted carry case with one compressed air cylinder in blue, gold or silver, tools and filling adapter as well as one 25 g barrel weight. Additional extras: barrel weights and 2.5 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 mm front sights.


Five out of six possible medals at the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing were won with STEYR air pistols - above all the models of the LP 10 - series. At the World Championships in Zagreb 2006, ALL gold medals in the Olympic air pistol disciplines were gained with STEYR air pistols. Unbelievable, but true.

What more proof is there that STEYR SPORTWAFFEN is the most technically favorite air pistol in the  world for top competitors and basement shooters as well!

STEYR’s stabilising system - no recoil!

The simple but ingenious integral stabilising system within the bolt ensures accuracy with every shot and shooters throughout the world have come to recognise the outstanding superiority and precision of this completely recoilless pistol, which functions without need of adjustment for any variety of pellet.

STEYR’s successful trigger system!

The STEYR trigger system offers an infinite variety of adjustments including first stage weight, first stage travel, second stage weight and trigger stop which can be set to suit the individual shooter and includes a simple dry firing mechanism that can be readily used during a match.

The sights - individual needs!

The sights are completely adjustable to your individual desires,  a sight radius from 316 mm to 365 mm . The rear sight notch can be opened to a maximum width of 5 mm. Depth adjustment of the rear notch is possible as well.

The grip - total adjustment!

Grips have total adjustment in all directions and come in a large variety of sizes to fit most hands.
Grip sizes:
for right hand shooters: x-large, large, medium, small,
for left hand shooters:   large, medium, small

The package of success!

The LP 10 comes complete in a durable STEYR fitted case which includes compressed air cylinders in your choice of blue, gold or silver, 4 barrel weights, tools and a filling adapter - your package of success from STEYR.
Additional extras: barrel weights, 2.5 / 3.0 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 mm front sights

LP 10 E

The world's best air pistols now also available with electronic triggers!

We have deliberately taken our time before fitting electronic triggers to our match pistols. As shooters expect only the best from STEYR! Here it is!

The advantages of the LP 10 E with electronic trigger:

- Trigger free from wear (training)
- Trigger pressure constant while releasing the shot
- Turbulence reduced due to new 8 duct compensator
- Capacity of 30.000 shots from 2 standard 1,5 V AAA  
- Redesigned housing allows more finger room
- Multifunctional grip adjustment can be retained by flexible
  electronic system
- Proven and patented STEYR stabilizer made out of
  tungsten alloy (TRIAMET)
- Individual adjustment within the 500 g trigger pull

LP 50

The 5 shot STEYR LP 5 has had a long outstanding career. Now STEYR have developed the LP 5 into the LP 50. This pistol incorporates a system for greater efficiency and stability in all disciplines.

Stabilizing, compensating: United to avoid recoil!

A special way of placing the striker and the slide cause a stabilizing effect. In addition to the patented STEYR compensator and the drillings in the barrel case it comes to a very smooth and unerring shot.  

Two special trigger units cover all types of competitions

The LP 50 comes with an adjustable trigger from 500 to 1.400 g. STEYR also offers an additional trigger from 300 to 450 g.

Grip as LP 10!

Also available as the LP 50 E with the same electronic trigger as the LP 10 E.